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UFC 90 Video: Undercard Fighters Are Told 'Don't Suck' If They Want to Be Seen

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding what, exactly, EliteXC told Seth Petruzelli about what kind of fight it wanted him to put on against Kimbo Slice. So it's interesting to see UFC show in Dana White's video blog what, exactly, the UFC says to the fighters in their group meeting after the weigh-ins:

UFC Vice President of Talent Relations Joe Silva is shown telling all 20 fighters who will fight tonight at UFC 90, "You guys in the prelims, we've got some really good prelims on this card. Fight your ass off and we'll try to put it on the live show. Also, now we're putting some of the best prelims for free on the web site, so you'll still get seen if the fight's good. If the fight sucks we'll bury it. So don't suck."

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