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UFC 90 Video: Josh Koscheck-Thiago Alves Winner Gets Welterweight Title Shot Next?

Josh Koscheck agreed to fight Thiago Alves on short notice in tonight's UFC 90 co-main event, and as a result a lot of people think he'll be rewarded with a title fight if he wins. But he says he's not thinking that far ahead:

"Right now I'm not even looking that far ahead," Koscheck said. "My focus is to win this fight."

I actually don't think the Alves-Koscheck winner is going to fight for the welterweight title next, simply because we've already got a welterweight title fight more than three months away when B.J. Penn challenges Georges St. Pierre. I expect the Koscheck-Alves winner to fight one more time before the Penn-St. Pierre winner is ready to defend the welterweight belt.

Having said that, I do believe Koscheck and Alves are the two most deserving welterweight contenders of a title shot, and I hope tonight's winner fights for the title some time in 2009.

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