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UFC 90 'Silva vs. Cote' Live Play-By-Play Results

Live results of the main card of UFC 90 "Silva vs Cote" from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

Lightweights: Sean Sherk (156) vs. Tyson Griffin(155)

R1: Sherk gets a takedown early and quickly transitions to Griffin's back. Griffn escapes to striking distance. The fighters exchange before Sherk scores another double-leg. Griffin pops back to his feet. Sherk is countering with hooks when Griffin attacks. Griffin seeks a takedown, but Sherk sprawls and takes his back. Griffin escapes again and the fighters trade combos, with heavy punches landing for both. Griffin's right ear and left eye are bleeding from small cuts.

R2: Griffin lands a hard body kick to start the round. Sherk scores a takedown, but Griffin gets up. A hard knee and left hook land for Sherk. Sherk lands a right hand that's answered by Griffin. Sherk throws a hook comb and finishes with a low kick. Griffin responds with a punch combo to the body. Griffin begins to take the offensive with hard low kicks. Sherk makes him hesitate with short punch flurries. Intense exchanges get cheers from the crowd to finish the round.

R3: Griffin comes out aggressively and rocks Sherk with a hook combo. Sherk throws a combo to keep Griffin at bay as he regains his composure. The fighters exchange punch combos, with Sherk adding a knee for good measure. With 30 seconds left, both fighters begin throwing fiercely to roars of approval from the crowd.

The Judges score it 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28 for Sean Sherk.

Sean Sherk wins via Unanimous Decision

Heavyweights: Fabricio Werdum (256) vs. Junior Dos Santos(234)

R1: Werdum is landing low kicks early and keeping his distance. Dos Santos lands a huge right uppercut that drops Werdum then follows up with strikes on the ground until the referee puts a stop to the fight.

Junior Dos Santos wins via KO at 1:20 of round 1

Lightweights: Rich Clementi (155) vs. Gray Maynard (156)

R1: After a feeling out process, Maynard lands a straight right. Clementi lands an inside leg kick. Maynard is swinging with power, but landing sparingly. Maynard scores a big takedown and lands in half guard. Clementi defends well and gets back to full guard. Maynard lands a few shots before the round ends.

R2: Maynard snaps back Clementi's head with a straight. Maynard pushes for the takedown and gets it. Clementi goes for the sweep and gets back to his feet. Maynard scores a single leg, but lands with his left arm primed for an omaplata. Clementi goes for the submission, but Maynard slips out and pushes back into Clementi's half guard. Clementi slips out, but Maynard is quick to stay on him and works his way into side mount.

R3: Clementi comes out pushing the pace, but Maynard takes him down. Maynard works from half guard, but Clementi gets to guard. Maynard passes to side mount, but Clementi squirms out. Maynard works around and takes his back. Clementi stands, but Maynard once again takes him down. Clementi sweeps and nearly takes Maynard's back, but Maynard is too quick. Maynard scores a third takedown to close out the match.

All three judges score the fight 30-27.

Gray Maynard wins via Unanimous Decision

Welterweights: Josh Koscheck (170) vs. Thiago Alves (171)

R1: Both fighters are being very cautious in their approach. Alves lands a big shot and drops Koscheck. Alves moves in for the kill, but Kos shoots for a single. Alves pushes it away and Kos looks to have recovered. Alves is firing his snapping low kicks. Kos lands hard punches to the head and body. Kosckeck lands a good right and clinches against the fence. Alves lands a hard knee to the head as Koscheck goes for the takedown, but Koscheck hangs on. Alves slips away from the takedown attempt and goes back to work with kicks.

R2: Alves is working the jab early. Koscheck lands a leg kick and follows with a blocked overhand right. Alves lands a leg kick and Koscheck counters with a straight and a knee against the fence. Alves lands a hard outside leg kick. Alves is pushing the pace with kicks. Koscheck lands a hard right to the body. Koscheck shoots for a takedown and pushes Alves against the fence. Alves defends well.

R3: Alves comes out powerfully and lands a big knee. He follows it up with punches against the fence, but Kos slips away and looks to be regaining his bearings. Alves shrugs off a takedown and breaks away. Kos takes time out after an eye poke. Alves is landing more heavy leg kicks and keeping his distance. Alves takes time off after being poked in the eye as well. Ales comes out aggressively and buckles Kos with a leg kick. Alves is hitting and running as the fight closes.

The judges score the fight 30-27, 29-28, and 30-27 for Thiago Alves.

Thiago Alves wins via Unanimous Decision

Middleweights: Anderson Silva (184) vs. Patrick Cote (183)

R1: Cote is throwing, but Anderson is calmly circling. Two minutes in, Silva finally throws a leg kick. Silva lands a kick and Cote counters with a big right. Silva lands a knee in the clinch then backs away. Anderson is casually walking around the ring with his hands down. Silva lands another leg kick. Silva bows as the round ends.

R2: Cote takes a hard straight to the face. Silva follows with a missed kick to the head and the fighters clinch against the cage. Cote breaks away from the clinch with a heavy right. Cote shoots for a takedown, but Silva reverses and lands on top. Silva lands an elbow from Cote's guard and stands out. Silva offers a hand to help Cote up, but the French Canadian denies. Cote lands a kick to the body. Cote is throwing hard, but Silva is avoiding the strikes. Cote goes for a single leg, but Anderson shrugs it off and lands knees to the body.

R3: Cote lands an overhand right and a leg kick to start the round. Suddenly, Cote collapses to the ground in pain. Herb Dean watches for a few seconds, but is forced to call the fight over. Upon replay, it looks like Cote's knee popped out of place.

Anderson Silva wins via TKO at :39 of round 3

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