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UFC 90: Anderson Silva Beats Patrick Cote

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva defeated No. 1 contender Patrick Cote in a bizarre third-round stoppage at UFC 90 tonight in Chicago.

The first round was fairly close, with Silva doing a little damage with a knee to Cote's head. In the second, they went to the ground briefly, and although Silva did a little more damage, Cote fought well and became the first person in the UFC to last two full rounds with Silva. It was shaping up to be a good, close fight.

But early in the third, Cote suddenly hurt his knee and it was over. It's hard to tell what happened to Cote's knee, and whether the injury was caused by Silva's leg kicks or was just a freak occurrence, but Cote couldn't go on, and that was that.

The Brazilian Silva apologized to the fans afterward for the strange ending. He still improves his record to 23-4, including 8-0 in the UFC, and he'll keep his reputation as the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world, even if it wasn't his most impressive performance.

The French Canadian Cote, who was booed by the fans, also apologized, but he did say "I think I did a great job ... my knee just popped out. I'm sorry." Cote falls to 13-5 and 4-5 in the UFC.

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