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UFC 90: Tyson Griffin on His Sean Sherk Scouting Report: 'I Expect a Fast-Paced Fight'

Tyson Griffin, who will fight Sean Sherk at UFC 90 on Saturday, had an open workout in Chicago today and then talked to me for a few minutes about his thoughts on the fight:

"I expect a fast-paced fight, whether it's on the feet or on the ground," Griffin said. "He usually tries to bring his fights to the ground, so I'm expecting him to shoot in for a takedown."

Griffin told me he's watched film of a lot of Sherk's fights, but that he thinks film study is of limited importance in MMA.

"It's only important to an extent," Griffin said. "You don't want to get stuck on looking for one person to do one thing because if they've trained that and if they've corrected that mistake then you're going to be at a loss for what to do."

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