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UFC 90: Thiago Alves Weighs 181, No Trouble Making Weight for Josh Koscheck Fight

When I saw Thiago Alves at today's UFC 90 open workout, he was wearing the kind of plastic suit that fighters sometimes put on when they're hoping to sweat off a few pounds. But Alves told me he'll have absolutely no trouble making weight Friday for his 170-pound fight with Josh Koscheck:

"I'm the lightest I've ever been in my whole career," Alves said, adding that he weighs 181 pounds right now and will have an easy time getting down to 170 for Friday's weigh-in.

I saw Alves two months ago, and he told me he weighed 200 at the time. But he's noticeably thinner now than he was then, and he appears to be in excellent shape. He's ready to go against Koscheck.

And if he weighs in at 170 and beats Koscheck, I think that makes him the clear No. 1 contender for the welterweight title, which will be contested when champion Georges St. Pierre fights B.J. Penn at the end of January. Alves said he hopes to get the winner of that fight.

"Supposedly, the winner's going to get a title shot," Alves said. "I hope so."

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