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Jules Bruchez's 'TUF 8' Blog: Episode 5

In this episode, Junie once again tests the waters of getting kicked out. The show starts off when Efrain submits Shane Nelson with a triangle. As Efrain's hand is being raised, Junie begins to run his mouth. Efrain responds by simply smiling and saying we'll see, but Junie's anger once again takes over. His rage overwhelms him and causes him to jump over the octagon. Team Nogueira grabs Junie first to hold him back and then Frank Mir's team eventually calms him down.

Now everyone was sure that Junie would finally be removed from the house! As for luck, it seems like Junie once again slips through the cracks of getting kicked off the show. To make the situation even more surprising we found out that the head of the State Athletic Commission wasn't present at the fight which is pretty awkward because he usually attends every fight. Due to him not being present, this saved Junie not only from getting kicked off the show but also from being suspended from fighting in Nevada.

Pranks?.. Pranks?..Pranks!!!! You see a lot going on in the house but you don't see it ALL!!! Truth of the matter is at this point, Team Mir has pranked Team Nogueira without any retaliation. Once the itching powder was poured into our beds, it was war. First, we let everything slide but they just kept pulling one prank after another and we knew it was time to come back with something that would make a real good impression. In our room that night we went over several different options. Kyle suggested leaving broken glass outside their door, I wanted to spray their beds with vinegar, we even thought about filling their beds with shaving cream. The next day on the way to practice I suggested using tuna fish in some sort of way to get them back. Tuna reeks and won't go away easily. When we returned from practice, I can't exactly remember who but a few of the guys found cans of sardines and headed straight to Krzysztof's room. We spread it all over their beds and walls; we even put some in Krzysztof's sauna suit. We proceeded to hit all of their rooms after that. Some of the stuff you didn't see was how we put it in the blinds and shoved it in the carpet. I even put some in their shower head. After a while we began to think, "Holy shit maybe we went too far!" But by that time the damage was done so screw it and maybe now they'll learn to quit messing with us.

Coaches came over for dinner the next night and tried to calm the whole situation down. We really didn't mind the pranks but we could clearly see the point that our coaches were trying to make about getting off track and remembering why we are here. After a couple days, we came to some rules and all agreed on how to prank each other without over doing it and not affecting anyone who has a fight coming up.

If you noticed after that fight between Eliot and Shane you'll see Eliot and Krzysztof talking about how they are going to be in the finals. We eventually found out that this is something they had been doing in front of Vinny. You can see Vinny's response when he says I can probably beat both of them in the same night. This was the first indication of their team internally falling apart. I can understand pairing up with someone and talking about making it all the way to the end with that person but doing it in front of your other teammates who are still in the competition may not be the best idea. This is just the beginning of what's to come amongst this group.

Make sure you tune in next week as you see Junie, once again run his mouth, even more this time as he prepares for his fight against Roli. When the fight selection happens watch closely to what Junie does that sends Anderson Silva so pissed that he has to leave the building. Speaking of Anderson, training with him was more than a dream come true. A lot of times people become friends and say, "Oh no one can beat this guy" but all bulls--t aside, after training with this guy when I tell you this guy is the real deal, I just don't see anyone in the near future beating him.

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