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Gomi irritated with Mitsuoka's comments

Takanori Gomi doesn't think he needs to further prove himself as an automatic contender for the Sengoku lightweight belt.

"I'm upset," Gomi told the press after a workout. "I'm very irritated by what [Eiji Mitsuoka] said. I hate it when fighters talk about my performance. I will let him know my strength when we face in the ring. This anger will motivate me though."

Mitsuoka said earlier this week, "I want Gomi to overwhelm his opponent in everything. I also want him to convince us that he is a worthy fighter to be exempted from the tournament."

Mitsuoka will face Satoru Kitaoka in the semifinals of the Sengoku Lightweight Grand Prix at Sengoku 6 on November 1. If he gets past Kitaoka, he'll face the winner of Kazunori Yokota vs. Mizuto Hirota the same night for a shot at the Sengoku lightweight belt against Gomi at Sengoku 7 on January 4, 2009.

Gomi will fight at Sengoku 6 as well to make up for a lackluster effort at Sengoku 4 against Bang Seung Hwan. Gomi will fight the Red Devil Sports Club's Sergey Golyaev.

"I relied on my techniques too much [at Sengoku 4], and I'm going to change my strategy this time. I will dominate my opponent with my power," Gomi said.

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