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Can anyone defeat Anderson Silva?

Anderson Silva owns a 22-4 overall MMA record. The number '4' that comes after the '22' means that he can be defeated.

Well, actually it shows that he was able to be defeated. You see, the man that they call "The Spider" hasn't really lost an MMA match since Ryo Chonan took him out with a highlight reel Flying Scissor Heel Hook on Dec. 31, 2004.

That's almost four full years ago. If you drop his loss to Yushin Okami, a bout he lost via disqualification after knocking his adversary out with an up kick while his knees were still down, Silva has won 10 straight fights since then. If you decide to bring that loss into the equation, then he's taken home victory in eight straight.

By the way, every one of those eight (or 10) victories has come by way of stoppage. Thus, in order to find out if Anderson Silva is beatable, we need to go back in time to see how he has lost in the past.

As was said earlier, Silva lost to Ryo Chonan via a ridiculous once-in-a-lifetime submission. Before that on June 8, 2003, he lost to Daiju Takase by triangle choke. The other loss came to Luiz Azeredo by way of decision in his first professional MMA fight ever back in 2000.

So when he has lost, it's been on the ground by way of submission (forgive us if we drop his first fight ever and a disqualification from the equation). It's probably important to note, however, that Anderson Silva now owns a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In other words, he's way better on the ground than he used to be.

On his feet, Silva is as good as they have ever come. From a technical sense, the man can do it all: maul you on his feet inside with knees and elbows in the clinch or pick you apart with pinpoint punches and kicks from a distance, utilizing those long limbs of his. That said, it's his power that people don't give enough credit to.

Did you see how he finished Nathan Marquardt? How about the one punch knockout that ended James Irvin's dreams after only 1:01 had gone by in the first round?

Obviously, these days on the ground he's quite dangerous as well. Is he beatable there? Yes, you'd have to say so. Silva is excellent, but he's not the best submission fighter in the 185 pound class. Paulo Filho and a few others are more likely to attempt to lay claim to that crown. Further, Silva can be taken down, even if it's not easy to do so. So a ground game against him is possible.

So, if Anderson Silva is beatable, beyond a puncher's chance?and that's a very low percentage puncher's chance considering how good he is on his feet?then it's on the ground. As Dan Henderson and Travis Lutter learned, however, if you get him on the ground then you need to take him out immediately. In other words, the guy that does get him to the ground needs to submit him quickly. If not, then they'll have to deal with his striking at the start of every round, and eventually that striking is very likely to end their night.

As Silva readies to take on Patrick Cote at UFC 90, he had the following predictable and respectful things to say about his opponent. "It's an honor to be fighting Patrick Cote in the first UFC event ever in Chicago. I'm excited to take on Cote, but I am taking him very seriously; he is a dangerous striker and he likes to stand and trade with his opponents. That's the kind of fight fans like to see, and that's definitely the fight we're going to give them Oct. 25."

On the flip side, Cote had this to say. "We know how to beat Anderson Silva. The only way to beat him is to push the pace. Go forward all the time. You can't let him get confident and comfortable in the center of the Octagon. You have to push the pace for five minutes every round. If I do that, I can catch him. I'll take care of him."

Yes, Cote would seem to have it right; he has to push the pace. But catching him on his feet? Well, it is possible? anyone can be caught. But the chances are very slim of doing that to Silva before he does it to you. Then, however, Cote went on to say the following.

"Everybody that fought Anderson Silva was scared of him; I'm not scared of him one bit. It's gonna take him 10 straight punches to take me down - I only need one punch to take him down. I'm Patrick Cote, I win against grapplers and I knock strikers out. I can't wait to go to Chicago and take the belt home to Montreal."

That's where he likely has it wrong. It is very doubtful that Silva will need 10 straight of his best punches to take anyone down. Cote it tough; make no mistake about that. But so was Dan Henderson.

And Silva hardly needed 10 punches to hurt him. The bottom line is that Cote is human just like Henderson was.

In the end, Anderson Silva is beatable; everyone is. But the best chance of doing that to him is by taking him down and immediately submitting him. The next guy to beat him, if another fighter does defeat him, will likely do it that way. A tall order for sure.

At least Patrick Cote is coming in with a gameplan and confidence in his power and striking. It may not work, but you have to admire his determination. He is another worthy opponent.

Of course, Silva has dealt with a lot of them over the last four years.

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