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Shane Carwin KOs Neil Wain at UFC 89, Says Afterward He Still Needs to Improve

Shane Carwin, the enormous and undefeated UFC heavyweight, needed just a minute and a half to knock out Neil Wain at UFC 89. But if you think he was happy with his performance, think again.

"I don't think I did my best when I came out there," Carwin said after the fight, noting that he didn't have his hands up properly and as a result got hit in the early going. "As soon as he hit me I got pissed and I just went on from there."

I like Carwin's attitude -- he seems like the kind of guy who is constantly looking to improve his game. And I think he has the right combination of striking power and ground skills to be a real force in the heavyweight division.

My only question is, When is UFC going to put him up against a top-notch opponent and on the televised portion of its fight card? Carwin has built up his 10-0 record against mostly unimpressive competition, and so far both of his fights for the UFC have been in the non-televised undercard. Let's see what this guy can do in a big-time fight.