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Chuck Liddell: Randy Couture Will Beat Brock Lesnar, Would Beat Fedor Emelianenko

In an appearance on TSN's Off the Record, the UFC's Chuck Liddell showed a lot of respect for the man he's fought three times, Randy Couture.

Of Couture's upcoming fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 91, Liddell said, "I like Randy. Randy's a tough guy, technically he's a better fighter."

And then the discussion turned to who would win if Randy Couture fought Fedor Emelianenko? Even though that heavyweight fight will probably never happen, it's a question that elicits arguments among MMA fans and has become akin to "Who would win, Batman vs. Spiderman?"

Count Liddell as one who toes the UFC company line and picks Couture.

"I think Randy beats him, actually," Liddell said. "I don't think Fedor can take him down. I think Randy beats Fedor."

As for Liddell himself, despite his loss to Rashad Evans last month, he sounded engaged and excited about his own future, insisting that he is definitely not done fighting.

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