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Dana White: If Anderson Silva Wins Easily at UFC 90, He Could Fight at UFC 92

Anderson Silva says he isn't looking past his fight against Patrick Cote at UFC 90 next weekend. But Dana White sounds like he is.

In an interview with The Sun, White said he has big plans for Silva's future -- including, shockingly, possibly fighting at UFC 92.

White says:
"If Silva finishes Cote in the way he normally finishes opponents, he could fight again in two months. I could keep him busy all the time and that's what he wants to do. He wants to keep fighting. If Silva wins this fight easily and impressively, he'll take another fight at 205lbs. Then he'll defend his title again at 185lbs – he's got a lot of fights in him and he wants to keep fighting every other month."
White doesn't specifically say UFC 92, but that's what "in two months" would mean. And if that's the case, UFC 92 would be an absolutely amazing night of MMA. The fights already planned for that night include Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir, Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva. Could Anderson Silva really be added to that card?

I don't think so. It would be great for fans to see all those names on one card, but it wouldn't make business sense for UFC. After Saturday night, I don't think we'll see the Spider in the Octagon again until 2009.

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