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Akihiro Gono practices English with fight interview

Akihiro Gono updated his blog in Birmingham. He had an interview in English.

"I had a good training and sweated a lot yesterday, and now I have to lose only 5 pounds. I had an interview today. Before the interview, I told a translator that I wanted to answer questions by myself because I studied English for this. I also asked him to help me out whenever I couldn't understand. I somehow managed to answer all by myself! I was so tired, but I was thrilled and felt like I accomplished my mission. My English wasn't perfect and I was laughed; however; everyone told me later that my English teacher did a great job. I was delighted and called my teacher, John, immediately! It was very exciting day today. I have 2 more days before my fight. I will prepare fully and win for my fans and supporters."

Gono fights Dan Hardy on Saturday, October 25 at UFC 89: Bisping vs. Leben in Birmingham, England.

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