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Today in MMA: Lloyd Irvin, Ultimate Fighter, Luiz Cane, UFC Trading Cards

Deadspin casts doubt on Lloyd Irvin's home invasion story.
Bloody Elbow hits back.

Here's a recap of last night's episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

The Ultimate Fighter finale tickets are going on sale.

Says UFC fighter Luiz Cane, "The MMA Market in Brazil is really small compared to the US. I hope that one day the investors and big companies look at this sport and invest because we can be one of the best markets."

WAMMA answers some questions.

Razak Al-Hussan is expected to fight Steve Cantwell at UFC's Fight for the Troops.

Cris Cyborg told Tatame the same thing Gina Carano told me: They're fighting in February.

Topps will produce UFC trading cards.

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