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Ryo Chonan moves in with his wife's parents

Welterweight Ryo Chonan, 1-1 in the Octagon, is coming off a split decision win over Roan Carneiro at UFC 88: Breakthrough in September. In his latest column on, Chonan talked about his return to Japan.

I came back to Japan after training in the US for 6 months. On the day before my flight, I drank until 4 am and didn't remember mostly. I thought I didn't forget anything when I left Jason's house. However, I found out that I forgot to take my brand new suits which was the only item I bought with my fight money, and I needed for my friend's wedding party on the next day of my arriving.

When I arrived in Narita, I couldn't find my passport at the custom. Because of being very tired and having lots of heavy luggage, I just filed a lost report without even looking for. I got in trouble later since my passport had a US visa.

Then, I took a highway bus for 2 hours to get home. My destination was my wife's parents' house. When I left for the US, my wife and I moved out from our apt because we decided to purchase a house with my fight money. Although, I couldn't earn enough due to my injury, and now it seems like I have to stay with her parents for a while.

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