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Today in MMA: Miller-Horwich at UFC 90, Sokoudjou, Fedor's Brother, More

Dan Miller will fight Matt Horwich at UFC 90 after Ricardo Almeida withdrew with an injury.

Says Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou of growing up in Cameroon, "Where I was born there's no cities, you're pretty much back in the wild. The last encounter I had was with a panther. I was lucky not to run into it, but I was driving with my uncle and then we saw it and I was like [crap]! You never knew what could come at you."

Aleksander Emelianenko, Fedor's kid brother, will fight Sang Soo Lee at M-1 Challenge 9 in Russia on November 21.

Says David Baron of fighting Jim Miller at UFC 89, "I don't think many UFC fans will know me as it is, and I'm going in there assuming that I'm unknown and I'm just gonna try and put on the best fight and try to surprise both my opponent and the crowd."

The November 1 Sengoku card is shaping up.

The highest-paid fighters at Night of Combat II made $20,000.

Andre Gusmao will fight Antonio Mendes at UFC 93.

Could a rematch between Nick Diaz and K.J. Noons take place in Japan?

Big John McCarthy has some fences to mend if he wants to get back to refereeing.

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