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Tatsuya Kawajiri holds first 'CRUSHER Project'

DREAM lightweight Tatsuya Kawajiri held his first "The CRUSHER Project" at the Edogawa Sports Kaikan in Tokyo on October 13.

His project is an ongoing series of events to improve the image of mixed martial arts in Japan. Each event has a theme, and the first on Monday was to encourage females to watch fights.

After explaining MMA rules, his training menu and how to lose weight, he demonstrated MMA techniques.

In his Q&A session, Kawajiri talked about his openness to fight anyone, MMA rules or K-1.

"I would like to fight Hansen in NYE. DREAM may require me to fight someone else before challenging the champion. If so, I'll fight anybody. I wouldn't even mind fighting in K-1 rule if that's what fans and DREAM want."

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