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Gary Goodridge: Kimbo Slice Is a Wimp (Except He Doesn't Say Wimp)

Gary Goodridge has more than 40 professional mixed martial arts fights and more than 30 professional kickboxing fights under his belt, and although he's far from the best fighter in the world (he's lost more fights than he's won), he is quite confident that he's a lot tougher than Kimbo Slice. He makes that clear in this video, which includes some profanity:

Goodridge was on hand to talk about his new gym in Ontario, Canada, but he ended up discussing Kimbo.

First, Goodridge has praise for Seth Petruzelli, noting that Petruzelli knocked Bob Sapp down in a K-1 fight in Japan (although Petruzelli lost that fight). And then Goodridge said Kimbo never wanted to fight anyone nearly as tough as Petruzelli.

"Kimbo wanted a stiff," Goodridge said. "And he went into the eve of the show to have a stiff walk in, but a stiff didn't walk in. Petruzelli walked in. And he hit Kimbo so hard, with a glancing blow, that I'm sure he's still trying to find his taste buds -- knocked the taste out of his mouth."

Although Goodridge described Kimbo as "good for the sport," he added that Kimbo is "a modern-day Mr. T. Kimbo looks rough and looks bad, but really, Kimbo is a giant pussy. You heard it here first, folks. Kimbo is a pussy."

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