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UFC 90 Video: Diego Sanchez Plans to Prove to Thiago Alves That He's a Complete Fighter

In this video, Diego Sanchez says he'll prove against Thiago Alves at UFC 90 that he's a complete fighter:

"I believe I'm a next-generation fighter, that is becoming more and more well rounded," Sanchez said. "More well rounded on the ground, more well rounded striking, and of course I'm a wrestler at heart. I'm always going to train wrestling. I think the most dangerous striker is a striker who has no fear of being taken to the ground, so I can pull off very risky, high-risk, dangerous moves."

I think Sanchez makes an important point there about the way the next generation of MMA fighters will look: MMA is not about being a Brazilian jiu jitsu specialist or a Muay Thai specialist or a wrestler or figuring out which fighting style is the best, as the first UFC event was billed as determining. It's about being a complete fighter in all aspects of the fight game.

Having said that, I believe that Alves is, overall, a better fighter, and that he'll beat Sanchez in what should be an excellent fight.

Video via MMA Mania.

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