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UFC 90: Goran Reljic-Thales Leites Scrapped After Reljic Suffers Injury in Training

This month's UFC 90 show has lost a very interesting fight. The undefeated middleweight Goran Reljic suffered an injury and pulled out of his bout with Thales Leites, Fighters Only Magazine reports.

The fight is still listed at, but it now appears that Leites will face Drew McFedries instead. That's an easier fight for Leites and a less interesting fight for the fans.

Leites-Reljic would have been the biggest test yet for Reljic, who has an 8-0 record but won seven of those fights against fairly minor opposition. In his most recent fight, a win over Wilson Gouveia at UFC 84 that won Fight of the Night honors, Reljic established himself as a fighter UFC fans want to see, and it's a disappointment that they won't be able to see him at UFC 90.

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