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Jules Bruchez's 'TUF 8' Blog: Episode 2

OK, America, here is another episode of the Ultimate Junie Browning TV Show. At least, that's what it's starting to turn into.

This week, they allowed us to watch the Pay Per View inside the house and naturally, things got out of hand again. Everyone was having a couple of drinks after our first week in the house and enjoying ourselves when Junie began to run his mouth, as usual. Most of the time, we really don't mind because Junie is just doing it to get airtime and he is joking around, but every time alcohol is involved, Junie's personality switches over to his dark side.

Junie was having fun talking trash to everyone and throwing cashews everywhere. But, when it was returned back to him, he couldnt' handle it. Kyle Kingsbury started playing back and throwing cashews back at Junie. This upset Junie and he retaliated by throwing a glass of wine in Kyle's face. Kyle got pissed and threw the whole container of cashews at Junie. I screamed in a desperate rage: "Save the cashews! Throw a pool ball!" But it was too late.

And just like in the movies, you could see that one drip of sweat trickle down the side of Junie's face as he became enraged. His pupil's dilated larger than a silver dollar. Like a heat-seeking missile, Junie launched the wine glass at Kingsbury, cutting his arm open. It was so deep, we could almost see the bone. OK, maybe not that deep, but it bled. And according to Dutch from "Predator," if it bleeds, we can kill it. We quickly stepped in to stop the situation before it got out of hand.

During this time, Shane Nelson was also having one too many drinks. Between him and Junie, they began to feed off of each other. Shane began to run his mouth and also got in Roli's face and pushed him out of his chair, egging him on to fight him. When Roli calmly backed down and walked away, Shane turned towards Efrain and began to call him out instead. What you didn't see on TV was that this went on for quite some time. It was more than just one push and little bit of trash talking from Shane. Twice, Shane's teammates had to hold him back before things got really bad. Just when we thought everything had calmed down, Shane and Junie decide to start breaking stuff downstairs and throwing furniture into the pool.

As you could see on TV, Junie's clothes were thrown into the pool. What you didn't see is that I was the mastermind prick suggesting to Krzysztof to throw Junie's clothes into the pool to really set him off. I never expected it to get to the magnitude that it reached, but it was all in fun and games, even though Junie was in Krzysztof's face egging him on to throw a punch. Once the situation calmed down, Ryan Bader threw Junie's clothes back into the pool. I, myself, didn't have anything to do with that, but I was anxious to see if we would have a good fight. I'm not a fan of being a bully, but watching a bigger guy beat up a smaller guy is still fun, I don't care what you say. Ryan tried to push Junie into the pool and Junie tried to drag Ryan in to drown him. We all pulled Ryan out and also, out came Junie in his "American Psycho" rage. He was doing everything he could to get to Ryan. In the process, he kicked Tom Lawlor down and swang over someone's shoulder and punched me straight in the face.

Surprisingly, after that, the situation actually calmed down. I was able to talk to Junie and make him realize what he had done and what his consequences would be if he didn't stop. After that, I walked him back into the house and that's when Krzysztof and the other's started antagonizing and picking on him again. That's when the s--t storm blew up and we went through the whole cycle all over once more. To be honest, at this point, I really felt bad for Junie. We can all tell he has problems and anger issues and we thought he was already kicked out the house, but they kept antagonizing him.

The other stuff they didn't show was me calming Junie down again in his room later that night which lasted almost an half hour. Everyone keeps asking me, "Why didn't y'all just hit Junie?" but you have to understand, the rules are that you can't touch anyone or else you're out the house. One thing that did piss us off was when Dana White did come into the house, he asked us the same thing, "Why didn't you hit that little f--ker?" He told us he wouldn't have kicked us out, that he would have understood. So, as you can see, he gave Junie a second chance, which was a freakin' miracle compared to what he pulled off and Shane has to fight Efrain even though we had the fight pick advantage.

Efrain Escudero vs. Shane Nelson

At the fight, the tension and expectations were high. Efrain is a phenomenal wrestler and Shane is an outstanding BJJ fighter out of BJ Penn's camp. We were all excited to see what would happen when the fight would go to the ground. The first round was pretty even. I remember while I was there that we had won the first round, but after watching on TV, I think I give the first round to Shane. The second round, Shane Nelson's cardio proved to be his fatal downfall. As he began to get tired, he began to slip up and Efrain caught him in a good triangle, reversed it, and mounted Shane and began to throw punches. At that point, the choke sank in deeper and Shane had to tap out. This is one of those fights I wish I could have seen when each person had 3 months to train for each other, but I will definitely take the win, which leaves Team Nogueira up 2-0 over Team Mir.

Tune in next week because the pranks in the house are about to get good and to see who is next up for the light heavyweight fight.

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