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Frank Shamrock to Fight Ken Shamrock in Brother vs. Brother MMA Clash in 2009

Preparing for what might be the first brother vs. brother fight in sports history, Frank Shamrock and Ken Shamrock say they have signed a contract to fight each other in a mixed martial arts match next year.

Both brothers told ESPN that the fight will happen:
"We've both signed a contract to fight each other," younger brother Frank Shamrock told "Ken is down with it. We talked about it two years ago, and we've agreed materially to fight."

"Will the fight happen? Absolutely," Ken Shamrock told "He's got a buttkicking coming to him. Everything I've learned, everything I have bottled up in me, is going to come out on him. I've still got love for Frank, but I'm angry at him."
It appears that the fight will take place in April of 2009, and that EliteXC will promote it. The mere fact that the two fighters have the same last name would undoubtedly be the kind of fight that would draw a lot of mainstream media attention, and would generate good ratings for CBS.

However, there are two caveats: First, the Shamrocks are adopted brothers who did not grow up together. When their dad, Bob Shamrock, adopted the 13-year-old Frank, Ken Shamrock was already 21 years old.

Secondly, both Shamrock brothers are well past their prime. Ken, who dropped out of a fight with Kimbo Slice last weekend, has lost his last five fights by first-round knockout or TKO. And Frank is just 2-2 in the last five years.

Still, this fight would garner a lot of attention for the two brothers, and that's why it's not a matter of if it will happen, but when.

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