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DJ Gozma returns at UFC 89

UFC welterweight Akihiro Gono's alterego DJ Gozma will return to the Octagon this Saturday when Gono faces Dan Hardy at UFC 89 in Birmingham, England.

Gono updated his latest blog about an iPod purchase, but adds that he has also bought a new wig and costume for the event.

"I'm preparing for my trip now. I owned iPod Nano 1G. I used it once in a while when I ran and drove. I have 15 hours flight next week, and so I bought iPod 120G. I can put 120 times more. Amazing! I tried to listen with my ipod speakers; however, it doesn't fit. I have to buy new speakers, too. Another extra expense... I hope I have good luck to earn money next week...

My costume is ready too..."

See DJ Gozma in action:

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