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Yoshida says no to Akiyama, comments on Ishii

Hidehiko Yoshida appeared in the opening ceremony of a baseball game on Oct 10. After throwing out a pitch, he answered questions from the press.

"When I was watching DREAM.6 on TV, Yoshihiro Akiyama said he wanted to fight me after his fight. I was very surprised. His offer is not realistic. We are in the different weight class, and also belong to different events.

"I don't know Satoshi Ishii personally. I have heard about that he is interested in MMA, but I never thought he's actually thinking about switching to MMA right now. I wish Japanese Judo organization admits us to work as a fighter and participate in Judo tournaments at the same time. I personally want to see him in the next Olympic.

"He better continue Judo as long as he can. If I can, I want to participate in a Judo tournament and challenge him. I have a confidence to defeat him in Judo...? I want to see how good he is in Judo.

"I'm training and will be ready to fight in a New Year event."

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