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Live blogging ShoXC: Herman vs. Schall

The ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series is tonight at The Venue inside Harrah's Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana.

If you're keeping count, this is the tenth edition of the ShoXC series, the mixed martial arts version of ShoBox, showcasing up and coming fighters.

160 lbs. | Rafaello "Tractor" Oliveira (160.5) vs. Lyle Beerbohm (161.5)

R1: They trade leg kicks. Oliveira shoots and gets the takedown. Oliveira controls Beerbohm's back and turns him over. Oliveira peppers Beerbohm with punches. Oliveira moves into a triangle choke, but Beerbohm postures up and breaks the attempt. Beerbohm momentarily tries a kimura but Beerbohm escapes. Oliveira is still in control, getting punches through. Beerbohm stands up and escapes. Beerbohm shoots, and pulls off a nice fireman's carry! Oliveira right away tries a triangle, and then an armbar, but Beerbohm works out of it. Back to their feet. Beerbohm goes for the double-leg and puts Oliveira down. Beerbohm lands a nice elbow and Oliveira's face is a mess. Beerbohm controls Oliveira's neck.

Beerbohm might have just stolen that round.

Oliveira has a very nasty cut over his left eye. The doctor stops the fight. Beerbohm hands Oliveira his first MMA loss.

Tough loss for Oliveira. He looked great up until the the last takedown and elbow.

Beerbohm, who improves to 8-0, says he wants the winner of Eddie Alvarez vs. Nick Diaz for the 160-pound belt.

185 lbs. | Alexander Shlemenko (184.5) vs. Robert "Bubba" McDaniel (183.5)

McDaniel is coming off a big win at EliteXC: Return of the King in June, where he upsetted hometown hero Kala "Kolohe" Hose with a rear-naked choke in 41 seconds.

R1:They clinch, and McDaniel drops for the double. Schiemenko holds onto the cage and gets yelled at by the referee. McDaniel slowly puts Schemenko down. Schlemenko holds onto a kimura, while McDaniel pounds away. Sclemenko turns to finish the kimura but McDaniel escapes. Back to their feet, Shlemenko goes for the kimura again. McDaniel gets the takedown and advances to side control. McDaniel goes for mount and Shlemenko surrenders his back. McDaniel pounds in mount. Shlemenko gives up his back to avoid the strikes. McDaniel works for the rear-naked choke with a minute left. McDaniel moves for an armbar. Schlemenko escapes and stays on his feet. McDaniel is stod up. Schlemenko goes for broke. He attempts a spinning back fist that misses. He tries a flying knee with seconds left and connects on McDaniel's ribs. McDaniel is down!

McDaniel can't answer the bell for the second round. Initially it was thought that it might have been a groin shot, but it was a clean shot to the ribs.

Schlemenko wins via TKO. What a crazy finish. Talk about stealing the fight; Schlemenko was dominated up until the flying knee right only moments before the bell.

170 lbs. | Anthony Lapsley (170.5) vs. Mike Stumpf (172.5)

Stumpf fights out of Jeff Curran's camp and stepped in for IFL veteran Mark Miller who is currently serving a 30-day medical suspension.

R1: Lapsley punches into clinch. He's throwing heavy knees. Stumpf gets the takedown. Lapsley is in guard. Stumpf stands up and lands a kick. He dives in with a punch but misses. Lapsley get up, and throws a high kick. Stumpf sweeps. Lapsley ends up in side control with a little over 3 minutes left. Stumpf gets halfguard. Lapsley with punches. Lapsley stands up and he's dropping some heavy punches. Lapsley with hammerfists inside Stumpf's guard. Stumpf positions for a triangle choke. Lapsley postures up and drops more bombs. Lapsley goes to side mount and attempts an arm-triangle. Stumpf escapes. Lapsley fearlessly pounds on Stumpf some more. Stumpf holds tight to kill off the final ten seconds of the fight.

Lapsley wins that round 10-9, easy.

R2: Lapsley lands punches. They clinch. Lapsley tries to toss Stumpf down. Stumpf rolls and almost takes Lapsley's back. Lapsley escapes. Lapsley is relentless. He lands a flying knee. Stumpf drops to his back. Lapsley pounds away in Stumpf's half guard. Lapsley adds elbows to the mix. The referee stands them up at 1:35. Lapsley clinches and goes for the single-leg. Stumpf goes for the kimura and closes his guard. Stumpf sweeps Lapsley into full mount. Lapsley powers through a reversal into Stumpf's guard.

Stumpf put in a better showing than the first, but Lapsley wins this round too.

R3: Lapsley rushes in with strikes and clinches. Lapsley takes Stumpf down. Lapsley with punches to Stumpf's ribs. The fight is stood up at 2:03. Stumpf tries a flying knee but it's caught. Lapsley pushes Stumpf to guard. Stumpf tries a triangle choke, but Lapsley is in no danger. Lapsley will ride this round out with punches. Nope, the referee won't let him and stands them up with 13 seconds left. They throw themselves at each other and Stumpf scrambles into side control.

Lapsley wins the third round and he should get the unanimous decision.

The scores are 29-29 (huh?), 30-27, 30-27. Lapsley wins via majority decision.

205 lbs. | Mamed Khalidov (200.5) vs. Jason Guida (204.5)

Guida, sporting a shaved head, makes his EliteXC debut here. So is Khalidov, who is coming all the way from Poland.

R1: Guida rushes in with a punch. They clinch. Khalidov rolls into a beautiful kneebar! Guida stands up. Khalidov switches to a heel hook. Guida tries a heel hook too. Khalidov escapes to butterfly guard. Guida tries advance and is inside Khalidov's guard. Khalidov attempts and armbar Guida escapes. Khalidov tries an upkick that glances. Guida back in Khalidov's guard. There's a cut on the top of Guida's head. They are up and in clinch. Khalidov lands a knee to the body. Guida trips Khalidov for the takedown. Guida stands up and passes to Khalidov's halfguard.

R2: Khalidov tries all sorts of fun. He tries a jump kick and then a spinning heel kick. And later a spinning backfist. He scores with punch combos. Guida takes the floor to the ground, and he's on his back. Guida kicks and stands up. Khalidov is throwing heavy leather. Guida shoots. Khalidov with a nice uppercut. Guida is gassed but lucky for him the referee calls time out to look for Guida's mouthpiece. The ref is going nuts looking for the mouthpiece. A second ref joins him inside the cage in this scavenger hunt. Guida doesn't look like he wants to them to find it. The ref offers a different mouthpiece but Guida refuses. The ref threatens Guida with a DQ. Guida still doesn't but luckily his corner finds him one. Khalidov with a flurry. Guida puts his hands up but doesn't do much to escape. The strikes weren't really getting through but Guida wasn't doing anything other than putting his hands up. The referee stops the fight. Guida shakes his head and shoves the ref. Yikes.

Khalidov wins via TKO.

Between the hunt for the mouthpiece, the referee cursing to find the mouthpiece and Guida shoving the referee, this was one bizare fight.

265 lbs. | Dave "Pee Wee" Herman (243) vs. Kerry "Meat Truck" Schall (261)

R1: Herman starts of with a kick. Herman with more kicks. They clinch and Herman with jumping knees to the body. Schall connects with a heavy right hand. Herman is hurt, but recovers, and he launches more knees. Herman drops Schall and finishes with strikes.

The replay show that the final knee that dropped Schall was below the belt.

Herman wins via TKO - R1 (1:06)

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