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Ken Shamrock Still Wants to Fight Kimbo Slice

After a wild weekend in which Ken Shamrock pulled out of his fight with Kimbo Slice at the last minute -- only to have Shamrock's replacement Seth Petruzelli knock Kimbo out -- Shamrock is apologizing for what transpired and asking to have his fight with Kimbo rescheduled.

In an open letter at, Shamrock says he got the cut while working on holds with his training partners, and that there was nothing he could have done once the cut opened up. He also says he wants to do what's right for the fans, and that what's right for the fans is fighting Kimbo:
I promise that I will make this up to all my fans. I know that there is nothing I can do about what occurred, but I plan to get back into the ring soon. I would like it to be against Kimbo Slice. Hopefully EliteXC/CBS will still be able to put a fight together. It's is the right thing to do. The fans want it and I want it.
I'm not sure how many fans really want to see Shamrock vs. Kimbo anymore, but I suppose it's as good a fight as EliteXC can give Kimbo at this point, especially if EliteXC doesn't want to see Kimbo get destroyed in a rematch with Petruzelli. Which means there's a fairly good chance it will happen.

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