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ESPN's Michael Wilbon Says Kimbo Slice- Seth Petruzelli Fight Was Fixed

In the harshest mainstream media criticism of EliteXC and Kimbo Slice yet, Michael Wilbon said today on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption that he believes Kimbo's loss to Seth Petruzelli Saturday night was fixed.

"That was a more phantom punch than Ali had to knock out Liston in that fight in 1965," Wilbon said of Petruzelli knocking Kimbo to the canvas. "Kimbo Slice, your boy, is a fraud."

Wilbon's on-air partner Dan Le Batard then said, point blank, "Are you saying it was fixed?"

Wilbon replied, "Yes."

Le Batard then noted that mixed martial arts is a legitimate sport that is very popular among young men and added, "That was not fixed, Mike."

Wilbon replied by comparing MMA to professional wrestling, saying, "It was fixed. Wrestling was fixed, I loved it all my life. It was fixed."

As Le Batard tried to defend MMA, Wilbon told him, "Danny, you don't want to defend this because your credibility will be at stake. He's a fraud, it's a fraud, get off the stage."

During a brief look-in on the next commercial break, Wilbon said, "I don't know what Kimbo's ties are. Kimbo still could have taken a dive while others are trying to prop him up. He could have gotten paid."

Those are incredible accusations -- Wilbon is accusing Kevin Ferguson (that's Kimbo's real name) of committing a felony. But the accusations are out there, and EliteXC, Kimbo and Petruzelli (who got this whole thing started by suggesting that EliteXC paid him not to take Kimbo to the ground) should address them head-on.

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