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Mousasi talks possible fight vs. Akiyama

DREAM middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi tells the DREAM website that he wants to be placed in a fight fans want to see -- him vs. Akiyama.

Mousasi thinks the fight would be a great way for Akiyama to prove himself to the Japanese fans.

"I heard that he had been avoiding to fight someone competitive, and chosen easy opponents in his last 2 fights. If that is true, I think he is a good fighter, but he is not professional. As a professional fighter, he should fight someone who our fans wanted to see. He had some issue before, and so he definitely respect what MMA fans want to see."

Based on his prior experience against Judo-based fighters, Mousasi would be confident going into a fight against Akiyama.

"I have defeated three top Judo specialists before and I won all. I say I have 85% of a chance to win."

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