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Satoshi Ishii still undecided on MMA career

For now school will come first for Judo Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii.

"The first order of business for me is graduating," the 21-year-old said, according to Kyoto News. "I still have time, so I will have to think about whatI really want to do. I'm interested in possibly switching to mixedmartial arts in the future."

Ishii made headlines over the summer when he challenged Fedor Emelianenko to a fight after winning the over 100-kg gold medal in Beijing.

Ishii cleared up these other topics:

- Ishii said he hasn't talked to any MMA events and haven't had any offered yet.

- He is not going to be a teacher of Judo, but he hasn't decided if hestays in Judo or do something else.

- He goes to a Jujitsu club but hestarted before Beijing Olympic. This is not a part of MMA training andhe has never had any MMA training before and is not going to until hemakes his mind after graduating from school.

- He is not going to ask for a release from the All Japan Judofederation. He didn't participated in the tournament on Oct 5 becausehe injures his hip joint while he was training for the tournament. Hewanted to participated though.

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