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Patrick Cote: 'I've never been knocked out'

Patrick Cote is facing long odds against UFC champ Anderson Silva.

The general consensus is that Cote will suffer a first-round knockout loss. But ask Cote and he'll quick to point out that he's never been a victim of a knockout.

"I've never been rocked in my life. I've never been knocked out in my life. So maybe that's why I'm not scared to exchange with anyone in my weight class," Cote said in a video interview with

In Cote's four career losses, two were by submission and two were by decision. On the other hand, six of his thirteen wins were by way of knockout.

With a history of no losses via knockout, Cote's confidence in standing toe-to-toe with Silva should be considered an advantage over Silva's previous opponents.

"I will take everything that he will give me," Cote said. "But I will give him back for sure."

Cote fights Silva in the main event of UFC 90 in Chicago on October 25.

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