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FEG prez wants to see Aoki vs. Akiyama

FEG president Sadaharu Tanikawa tells Kamipro that he's interested in seeing Shinya Aoki fight Yoshihiro Akiyama.

I was happy to see that [Masakatsu] Funaki and [Andrews] Nakahara won because I brought them to DREAM. I was amazed to see Nakahara's performance!

It seemed to me that DREAM.6 couldn't arouse enthusiasm in the crowd. I wish Mighty Mo could participate in the event and Akiyama chose someone stronger.

Akiyama said he wanted to fight Yoshida. I think DREAM will never arrange Yoshida for him. It's obvious that Akiyama played to the crowd. I'm interested in what Aoki said. He fully understands what kind of fights DREAM wants to present. I want to watch Aoki vs Akiyama.

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