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'Big' John McCarthy leaves The Fight Network

Referee turned commentator "Big" John McCarthy announced on his blog that he will no longer be working with the Fight Network. The post contained both fond goodbyes to co-workers and cryptic rebukes of the network itself.

"While I will not miss what has happened or transpired at the company," McCarthy wrote, "I am really going to miss some very special people that I have come to know and respect in my short time with them."

McCarthy's final appearance as in the Octagon was at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale, where he refereed the main event between Roger Huerta and Clay Guida. In his post, he quieted any rumors about his opinion of the UFC, but also closed with a stern disapproval of the Fight Network management.

"A few people have said that I have attacked the UFC. That is simply not true. I have never said anything bad about the UFC. I spent 14 years of my life trying to build up the UFC and make people understand how incredible the fighters of MMA were? To all of the higher ups that have taken over the Fight Network over the last year I only have this to say...Shame on you..."

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