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UFC 90: Anderson Silva Says, 'Patrick Cote Is Right, I Am Beatable'

Anderson Silva has looked absolutely unstoppable in his seven fights since joining the UFC, winning them all in the first or second round. But as he prepares for his fight with Patrick Cote at UFC 90, Silva wants to make clear that he doesn't view himself as unbeatable.

In a video posted today at, Silva talked about what kind of fight he expects, and why no fighter -- himself included -- should be viewed as unbeatable.

"I think it's going to be real fun," Silva said of fighting Cote. "He is going to come out and stand up with me and it will be exciting and entertaining. He's going to hit me and I'm going to hit him a few times and we'll see what happens."

Silva added that he sees areas where he thinks he can be effective at Cote, but he also knows that Cote is thinking the same thing about him.

"I believe in every opponent there are some weak pionts that I can capitalize on," Silva said. "He may find some weak points in my game where he can capitalize on me, but I am very confident and I'm training very hard. I think Patrick Cote is right: I am beatable."

Cote has said publicly (including in an interview with me) that he's confident. Silva likes that.

"I believe the confidence that Patrick Cote has is a good thing," Silva said. "Every fighter should be confident and the same way he's confident I'm confident. If Cote thinks he's going to knock me out or submit me in the third round that's a good thing to think that. But there is an opportunity that he might get knocked out or submitted. I believe everybody is beatalbe and that's what makes this sport so interesting."

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