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EliteXC Wants Gina Carano on 'The View'

Now that EliteXC's most famous fighter, Kimbo Slice, has been exposed as a fraud, the promotion is looking for ways to make its second-most famous fighter, Gina Carano, a bigger star.

One way they're doing that, I've been told, is that they're trying to book Carano on The View.

And really, that makes perfects sense. I've always thought that one of the best ways EliteXC could take MMA mainstream is to get more female fans to take an interest in the female fighters. I imagine the overlap in viewership between MMA and The View is close to zero, so that means every single viewer of The View who starts watching EliteXC because of Carano is a viewer EliteXC wouldn't have otherwise.

I'm not sure what kinds of questions Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg would ask Carano, but I hope they ask her how much she weighs.

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