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Next for Kimbo Slice: Pro Wrestling? Boxing? Can EliteXC Promote Him Again?

So now that Seth Petruzelli has put an end to the Kimbo Slice mystique, what happens to Kimbo next?

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I would think professional wrestling is a good option for Kimbo. He doesn't have the skills to fight for real, but he does have the look of a guy who can fight and the persona of a big, tough dude. Everything about him, from his beard to his name to his muscles, would seem to fit in well in the pro wrestling world.

There's also been some talk that Kimbo might take up boxing, since throwing punches is allegedly the strong point of his MMA game. Would he be better off in a sport that doesn't go to the ground? Probably, but I don't know that there's much of a clamor among fans to see Kimbo box.

And then there's the question of whether EliteXC would promote him again. Some people thought before last night's fight that if Kimbo lost, it would put the company out of business. I'm not prepared to go that far, but I do think EliteXC will be unable to sell Kimbo on any more main events. Maybe he can fight on an undercard, although I really have no idea how EliteXC can find a suitable opponent for him.

So, unfortunately for Kimbo, he really doesn't have many good options available to him. He used his YouTube fame to make himself a few six-figure paydays before Petruzelli exposed him last night, and more power to him for that. I hope he invested wisely.

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