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Video: Ken Shamrock: 'Kimbo Slice Hits Hard, Not Any More Than Another 240-Pound Guy'

Ken Shamrock says tonight's fight against Kimbo Slice on CBS isn't going to end with the quick knockout that a lot of people think they're going to watch:

"He hits hard, but not any more than another 240-pound big guy," Shamrock said of Kimbo. "You've got to hit him. And I think that I'm very good at making people miss."

I think Shamrock is right about that: Kimbo's punching power isn't as great as EliteXC likes to make it out to be. If you want to see a heavyweight with punching power, watch the Andrei Arlovski-Roy Nelson fight tonight.

Shamrock also called Kimbo's performance against James Thompson "disappointing" and said that Kimbo clearly needed to work on his conditioning. Again, I think Shamrock is right, and I'll be disappointed if Kimbo hasn't shown significant improvement tonight.

Finally, Shamrock said he wants to fight his adopted brother Frank Shamrock next. He'd better hope that happens, because that's probably the only fight Ken Shamrock has left that anyone would want to see.

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