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Gina Carano Gets Naked on the Scale to Make Weight for EliteXC Fight

We mentioned yesterday that Gina Carano had to go nude to make weight for tonight's fight against Kelly Kobold on EliteXC: Heat, and now we have the visual evidence.

It's not extremely unusual for a fighter to have to take off all of his or her clothes and be shielded from the crowd with towels to make weight; I've seen it several times with boxers, including Oscar De La Hoya. But it is particularly noteworthy with Carano, because she missed weight for her last fight and has vowed in recent weeks that it wouldn't happen again this time.

It almost did. Carano was 1.75 pounds over the 141-pound limit the first time she stepped on the scale, with her clothes on, and was even over the limit the second time she stepped on the scale, naked. It's not clear what she did the third time that finally did the trick, but she did make weight and the fight will go on tonight.

A video of Carano's weigh-in is below.

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