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Frank Shamrock Rips Ken Shamrock for Pulling Out of Kimbo Slice Fight

The news that Ken Shamrock has pulled out of his fight with Kimbo Slice tonight was particularly interesting to one of the announcers working the EliteXC Heat broadcast for CBS: Frank Shamrock, Ken's brother.

Frank harshly criticized Ken for working out hard enough prior to a fight that he risked an injury, noting that most fighters just warm up on fight night and don't engage in any type of contact beyond hitting their trainers' focus mitts in the hours leading up to their fights.

"What is he doing training this hard?" Frank Shamrock said, adding that he thought his brother had tarnished the Shamrock family legacy.

Frank and Ken are adopted brothers who did not grow up together and do not much like each other, so the harsh words are no surprise. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they're a precursor to Ken and Frank Shamrock fighting each other some time soon.

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