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Akihiro Gono updated his blog

October 5, 2008

My intensive training program was over today. I'm glad that I didn't get any serious injuries. I rest for 2 weeks to recover from the exhaustion of hard trainings, and focus on the final conditioning for my fight. I have no plan to do tomorrow and now watching recorded MBL games with playing a solitaire. I'm idling away my time. I'm so happy now.

October 3, 2008

I took a picture wearing sunglasses like Will Smith in my room and holding 2 DVDs, which are my favorite "BAD BOYS" and "BAD BOYS 2BAD"

Before going to England, I need to train my ear by listening to English; therefore, I'm listening one in my room and another in my car. I'm always reciting his lines. I want to see Will Smith someday...

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