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Strikeforce 'Payback' weigh-in results

Below are the weight-in results for Friday's Strikeforce "Payback" from the Broomfield Event Center in Colorado.

Tyra Parker failed to make weight, stepping on the scales at 116 pounds for a fight with a 112-pound limit. Her opponent Michelle "Karate Hottie" Waterson, who made weight at 111.4 pounds, agreed to fight Parker anyway.

Strikeforce "Payback" will air live on HDNet at 10pm ET.

Fight Card:

165 lbs. | Duane "Bang" Ludwig (165 lbs.) vs. Sam Morgan (164.8 lbs.)
185 lbs. | Frank Trigg (183.8 lbs.) vs. Falaniko Vitale (185.6 lbs.)
170 lbs. | Pete Spratt (170.8 lbs.) vs. Donnie Liles (170.8 lbs.)
155 lbs. | Billy Evangelista (155 lbs.) vs. Luke Caudillo (155 lbs.)
112 lbs. | Tyra Parker (116 lbs.) vs. Michelle Waterson (111.4 lbs.)
205 lbs. | Carlos Zevallos (205.4 lbs.) vs. Andre Walker (202.4 lbs.)
145 lbs. | Ricky Johnson (143.5 lbs.) vs. Tyler Toner (146 lbs.)

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