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Gina Carano Takes Off Her Clothes to Make Weight for EliteXC Fight vs. Kelly Kobold

UPDATE: Gina Carano defeated Kelly Kobold by unanimous decision.

Gina Carano, America's most famous women's MMA fighter, did something today that she didn't do for her last fight: Make weight.

But it wasn't easy, and she had to try three times and ultimately get naked (but covered with towels) on the scale before she managed to get down to 141 pounds for the 140-pound fight. That is considered within the limit because fighters get a one-pound buffer.

Gina Carano

Female fighters usually wear shorts and a sports bra to the weigh-in, but when Carano did that today, she weighed in at 142.75. She then took off all her clothes, according to MMA Junkie, and got back on the scale in a towel and weighed 142.5. Finally, on her third attempt, she managed to weigh 141; it's not clear what she did to lose that last pound and a half.

Carano's opponent, Kelly Kobold, weighed 141 on the first try. Despite not making weight until her third attempt, Carano improved over her last weigh-in showing, when she weighed 144.5 for her fight against Kaitlin Young in May. Since then she has acted angry and offended when people questioned her commitment to her sport.

Update: You can see a photo and video of Carano's weigh-in here.

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