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Frank Shamrock Hopes Ken Shamrock Beats Kimbo Slice to Set Up Brother vs. Brother

Ken Shamrock will fight Kimbo Slice in Saturday night's EliteXC event, and Kimbo is the heavy favorite. Ken's brother Frank Shamrock says he's hoping his brother can pull the upset, but not because of the brotherly love you might think they share if you're not familiar with the Shamrock family.

No, Frank Shamrock says he wants Ken to win because that could set up a fight between the Shamrock brothers:
'I know that Ken has ten times the skills that Kimbo has, but can he put it together at this age with this many injuries, and you know with the way life is - it's always the big question. So honestly I don't know. I hope he smashes him and then we set up a fantastic PPV with him and I. You never know.'
A brother vs. brother fight would no doubt get a lot of media hype, although the Shamrock brothers are adopted and didn't grow up together, so it's not quite the blood feud it might sound like at first. I have a feeling, though, that Kimbo is going to knock Ken Shamrock out on Saturday, and finally bring his career to an end.

Via Unholy Matrimony podcast and Bloody Elbow.

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