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Aoki upset at Akiyama for willingness to fight for WVR

Shinya Aoki, a loyal DREAM lightweight who has already fought six times this year for the promotion, is upset at Yoshihiro Akiyama for his willingness to take a fight elsewhere.

"I'm very mad," Aoki wrote on his Kamipro blog. "I'm proud to fight in DREAM. I believe in DREAM. The staff members and fighters work together to create the best MMA event."

Aoki doesn't refer to Akiyama by name, but it's obvious Aoki is referring to Akiyama, who told the crowd after his DREAM 6 win that he wants to fight World Victory Road's Hidehiko Yoshida. Also, this explains why Aoki took the mic after his own fight to challenge Akiyama.

Aoki continued: "In the last event, a fighter said he wanted to fight someone who belonged to the other event. He added that he wouldn't mind fighting in the other event. I wonder why he would say that in front of DREAM fans who love this event and want to watch exciting events in DREAM. He always only care about his own convenience.

"I won't forget what he said. I believe I can be more popular than him and bring more benefits to the event. I think I can be stronger and famous all over the world. He can go anywhere but I won't run away. I represent DREAM."

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