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UFC 91: 'Randy Couture Beats Brock Lesnar for Sure,' Says Frank Trigg

The other day I noted that I've asked three professional MMA fighters who they think is going to win the UFC 91 showdown between Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar, and all of them picked Lesnar to win.

That's no longer the case. I asked Frank Trigg today, and he said he's very confident that Couture is going to beat Lesnar.

"If you sit down and analyze the fight, how is [Lesnar] going to beat Randy?" Trigg said. "Anything can happen, but the only thing that Brock can do is kind of hold Randy down. He showed against Heath Herring that he can't finish anybody. All he can do is be a big bull. He can't really do much. Other than take Randy down he can't do much.

"Randy is going to win the stand up, he's more skilled on the ground, and he's going to finish Lesnar. Randy Couture beats Brock Lesnar for sure."

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