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PSA: If You're Going to Mug a Woman, Make Sure She's Not the National Karate Champion

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Last week in Rome, a man approached a woman on the street and grabbed her around the neck in an attempted mugging.

What the man did not know is that the woman he had chosen to attack was Lara Liotta, a four-time Italian women's karate champion. But he would soon come to realize he had picked on the wrong woman.

The Telegraph reports:
Miss Liotta, who works as prison officer, immediately put her black belt training to good use, delivering two swift jabs to the man's face which sent him crashing to the ground. ...

After punching the man to the floor, she ran to the nearby railway station of Termini and alerted police, who caught him before he could run away. He was arrested and detained on charges of assault.

"It could have been much worse. What would have happened if this person, instead of attacking me, a karate champion who knows how to defend herself well, had attacked a young girl?

"I'm lost for words," Miss Liotta, who competed in the under 55kg weight category, said.

I'm sure the mugger was lost for words, too.

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Note: That is not Lara Liotta in the photo

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