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Miguel Torres gets long-deserved Black Belt in BJJ

Not only can Miguel Torres carry a WEC bantamweight title around his waist, he can now wear a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt around his gi.

At his own academy in Hammond, Indiana, Torres was promoted to a black belt on Saturday by Carlson Gracie Jr.

Torres was a top student under Gracie Sr. and remained a brown belt with Gracie Sr.'s untimely death in 2006.

Jay Valko, a Eduardo DeLima Black Belt who has trained under both Carlson Jr. and Sr., was alongside Black Belts Daniel Wanderlei and "Pete the Greek" Letsos during the low-key ceremony.

"It wasn't too fancy, just a promotion and a small speech from Jr. about how he was just doing what his dad would be doing if he were still around," Valko told

Torres won the WEC bantamweight title in February with a dazzling grappling sequence to tap out wrestler Chase Beebe with a guillotine choke. Torres defended the belt in June with a TKO win over Pancrase champ Yoshiro Maeda. Next for Torres is a title defense against Manny Tapia at WEC 37 on Dec. 3.

"A few years ago Carlson Sr. was going around saying he has a 135-pounder that would beat on everyone," Valko said. "No one believed him at the time but now Miguel is proving the old man correct."