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Jules Bruchez's 'TUF 8' Blog: Episode 2

The scene looked like a fighter's dream. Everywhere you looked you could see trademark black and white UFC fight gloves on the ground. There were wet towels, water bottles and hand wraps draped over everything. You could see the look of exhaustion in everyone's eyes. The canvas looked similar to a military medical bed. Every inch was filled with blood, sweat and tears. Fighters were lying around wrapped in ice and bandages as they excitedly waited for their next command. They were like a bunch of soldiers just waiting for their next mission.
So you want to be a UFC fighter? Well, if you don't mind having your dream crushed in just a few minutes, a broken nose, hyper-extended joints, broken limbs and cuts that run deep like the Grand Canyon, then come on in because that's just the beginning of this show.

People don't see how long it takes. These fights that you watched over a two-week span actually all took place all in one day. As time goes by, you still don't know what's going on because you see who is too hurt to continue and you begin to wonder who is coming back to take their place.

Understand this, what you saw on TV does not show the true ability that most of these fighters have. This includes the ones who won and lost their match. There are some badass dudes out here! If you are one of those people who sit back and say, "That guy is not good, I can't believe he is on the show!" Find one of those guys, go to their gym and fight them. Go show them how tough you are! I promise you will change your mind. You go through an interview process for months and then go into a place where no one tells you anything. Then, you have to fight in front of Dana White and deal with the fact that this is the most important fight of your career and let me know how you do.

Now, it's all said and done! All the fights are over, the names are set in stone, but instead of going over each and every fight I will go over the ones that stood out to me.

Roli Delgado faced off against George Roop. This was a battle I wanted to see. George is a good ground fighter but aggressive on his stand up. He can fool you to think he is a stand up fighter but go to the ground with him and you will be in a world of trouble. Don't rule out Roli! He is a very sound black belt that can take a beating and keep it coming. There were a few close calls on the ground for Roop as Roli caught him in a few submissions but he was able to escape. In the end, it was Roop who pulled it off. Too bad for Roli, I wish they would had both made it, it would be nice to see them fight again.

The other fight that stood out was jiu-jitsu black belt Eliot Marshall and unbeaten Karn Grigoryan. This was a great fight. There was a lot of hype over who won the first round and it was pretty much understood that Eliot won the second. But the feel for the match was that Eliot was more technical over all and kept the pressure in the second round, so he pretty much sealed it up. Everyone was shocked when Karn's hand was raised as the winner. Even Dana White had called it his way, which is why it sucks to have to leave it in the judge's hands. I liked the fight because there was blood everywhere!! That's what I like to see baby!!

Here is the list of names of people that are in the house. Tune in next week because, trust me, now it's really going to get good and interesting.

Krzysztof Soszynski
Jules Bruchez
Vinny Magalhaes
Karn Grigoryan
Elliot Marshall
Ryan Bader
Shane Primm
Tom Lawlor


Dave Kaplan
Phillipe Nover
Brian McLaughlin
Junie Browning
Shane Nelson
George Roop
Efrain Escudero
John Polakowski

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