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Chris Leben: 'By Beating Michael Bisping at UFC 89, My Place in History Is Certified'

Chris Leben talks about fighting Michael Bisping at UFC 89:

"I think my place in the UFC is already certified," Leben said. "By beating Michael Bisping my place in history is certified -- my place as one of the best 185-pounders is certified."

I think Leben is overestimating what he's accomplished if he thinks he's one of the best 185-pounders in history, but I do like the potential that this fight has for helping to shape the future of the 185-pound division, assuming that middleweight champ Anderson Silva eventually vacates his title and moves up to light heavyweight permanently.

Leben says Bisping is a good fighter but adds that "I wouldn't describe him as a finisher. I don't see him throwing real heavy hands, I don't see him taking any risks and to some extent he's sometimes a little boring."