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Kimbo Slice's Trainer Promises His Cardio Has Improved for Ken Shamrock Fight

When Kimbo Slice was getting pummeled on the ground during the second round of his fight with James Thompson, it wasn't that Thompson was dominating so much as that Kimbo was completely worn out from a cardiovascular standpoint and needed to wait out the second round so he could rest for a minute before the third. So it's good to know that Randy Khatami, the trainer for Kimbo, says cardio is what he's working on:

"We went back to the old school," Khatami said. "We went to the track. We put the spikes and the shoes on him and went running. ... His cardio is phenomenal."

If Kimbo is going to be taken seriously in MMA, he needs to be in shape for his fight with Ken Shamrock on October 4. I hope Khatami's assessment is correct.

After the jump, watch Kimbo in the gym, training with Khatami.

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