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Kimbo Slice Punches David Blaine in the Gut

Magician David Blaine does a lot of magic tricks illusions that aren't really magic at all, and he apparently has another one lined up: He has recently taped a big from a TV special in which he took a punch to the gut from Kimbo Slice.

So what happened? Did Blaine manage to take the punch and walk away unscathed?

We don't know yet, but was at the taping and files this report:
The rather physically fit Blaine claims he chose Kimbo because the fighter is one of the few people he fears. From my observation, it does not seem as if the magician is intimidated in conversation. But faced with Kimbo's clenched fist before him, Blaine does look visibly nervous. He asks his audience of gym employees and Kimbo's entourage, "Is this stupid?" Everyone grinned widely back.

I won't spoil the fun but there's no illusion involved to this bit. David Blaine simply stands in the middle of the cage, lifts up his shirt to prove he's not hiding any protective material, and asks Kimbo to punch him. And after? Kimbo is wowed by David Blaine's resistance to his gut shot. Kimbo's manager jokingly asks, "Hey, is this going to make Kimbo look weak?" I don't think so. And I hope after this, Blaine checks in with a doctor.

There are photos here of Blaine and Kimbo together. Blaine apparently wanted Kimbo to punch him as an homage to the death of Harry Houdini from a ruptured appendix caused by being punched in the stomach. Too bad that's an old wives' tale.

UPDATE: Watch the video: Kimbo Slice punches David Blaine, tells him, "You are a bad ass."
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